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Evolve Culture Mission

Mike's goal is to help you EVOLVE through healthy & sustainable eating practices with a simplified easy to follow nutrition + workout plan.

No matter what your goals are, Mike will ensure that your health is a priority to him and his team with a focus on your own personal growth.

Mike believes food should still be enjoyable and realistic when you're eating healthy.

 Being "in shape" doesn’t mean spending hours in a gym or being on an unenjoyable diet. Mike is committed to changing lives by supporting, inspiring, and teaching how to turn your healthy habits into a permanent sustainable lifestyle!


Get a macronutrient detailed plan according to your individual goals. From there, Mike will tell you exactly what, when and how much to eat, to make life easier for you during your busy schedule. 


Every workout comes complete with training step by step access to ensure that you are working out properly. In adition you will aslo have detailed video intructions with each individual workout


With the hundreds of clients that Mike helps every year, he understands what it truly takes for

a successful evolution of health and how everyone has a unique pathway and struggle when it comes to staying positive and holding yourself accountable. Mike uses strategic and proven practices to ensure you stay away from old habits and keep your progress going strong for LONG TERM SUSTAINABLE health.

Meet Mike Manfre

Utah's #1 Google Rated Nutrition Coach

Mike Manfre is a dedicated nutritionist that gives his clients the knowledge, skills, support, and motivation to achieve and conquer their personal fitness goals.

Mike has been helping men and woman accomplish amazing success through proper nutrition for over a decade now, by taking out all the guesswork and basically giving a nutrition blueprint on how to help his clients reach their goals.

Mike was formally in law enforcement for 7 years with the Sheriff’s Office and also a fitness trainer for over 10 years.

Mike realized as a fitness trainer that his clients weren’t getting the best results because they were missing the crucial component; Nutrition! Once Mike understood the importance of proper nutrition, he made the transition into becoming a nutritionist, with changed 1,000's of lives in the process.


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